Tacx, NEO 2T Smart, Trainer, Magnetic

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Road feel is simulated in a highly realistic manner, and there is no loss of power. The Neo can even reproduce the effect of gravel, wood and cobbles. Maximum resistance and slope simulation stay the same at 2200 watts and 25% respectively. The motor can also accelerate when you are on a descent, this makes a very reaslistic ride. Still as silent as ever, the Neo 2 Smart trainer now offers improved cadence readings and left/right power readings. ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity allows you to use any training app out there. When the Neo 2 Smart isn’t connected to a smartphone, tablet or computer, it behaves as a fluid trainer. This means the trainer behaves progressively: when your speed increases, the resistance increases as well. This means it is possible to use this trainer in a “stand-alone” status. What's more, the NEO generates it's own energy, allowing you to use it without any power source. Please note that without power, descents cannot be simulated.