Quintana Roo PRfive Rim Brake Ultegra R8000

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  • $3,999.99
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After releasing their impressive PRsix, Quintana Roo decided to follow it up with the PRfive, a lower-priced model that, in many respects, improves on the original. The frame design is largely identical, with the big departure being a traditional fork. This allows for greater flexibility in choosing your position, as any 1 1/8” stem will work. And it makes travel easier as well. The frame comes out of the same molds, which means the aerodynamic performance is almost identical. The fork itself gives you the option of just about any aero brake on the market, with threading for direct-mount brakes as well as a center hole mount for more traditional brakes. And this flexibility also extends to the under-the-bottom bracket rear brake, which can take Magura, Shimano, Tri-Rig, TRP, and others.