Mavic Tri Race

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There's a lot going on in a transition station, and these lightweight shoes can help. Mavic's cleverly designed strap system stays open when not in use so you can leave the shoes clipped-in and ready to go – all you need to do is slide your feet in (no ratcheting and buckling for you). Once you’re on the bike, a large Velcro® strap secures you in with a near-perfect fit and minimizes the amount of moving around your foot does in the shoe, which means more power gets transferred to the pedals. - Uppers are made of quick-drying synthetic materials. - Highly breathable mesh uppers and inserts means that moisture from T1 and sweat from the ride will evaporate quickly, whether you’re wearing socks or going barefoot. - Easy On Straps allows for easy and rapid transitions – it stays open so you can jump right in after your swim. - Velcro® closures gives you a precise, secure fit and lets you make quick adjustments when you’re on the fly. - Triathlon-specific heel loops minimizes slippage. - Dual-density sock liners with composite insoles dampen road vibrations. The high-density rear cradles your heels for comfort. - Antimicrobial protected insoles. - Low stack height of 7.5mm keeps you close to the pedals for more efficient pedalling. - Outsoles are lightweight, stiff and thin for exceptional power transfer (and a super-efficient pedal stroke means you save energy for your run without sacrificing any speed). - Outsoles are made from composite glass fibres and a nylon insert that's been reinforced with carbon.