Garmin, Edge 520 Plus Unite

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armin has made the already-great Edge 520 a bit greater by loading it with Garmin Cycle Maps. Navigation features previously restricted to the 800 and 1000 series Edge units have made their way to the 500 series, so you get turn-by-turn routing to saved destinations, round-trip routing and more, no connection required. When you're connected to your smartphone, features like Trendline routing and Yelp navigate you to the best any location has to offer. When you create a route, Trendline routing looks at other Garmin Connect users' data for your area, leveraging millions of recorded trips to help you find the best rides and most efficient routes. Real-time Strava segment integration displays nearby segments as you ride, showing how you compare to your PR and the current KOM or QOM (requires Strava premium). Live Tracking continues to evolve, with rider-to-rider pre-set messaging through your connected smartphone. Now you can not only see where your riding partners are, but you can send messages to their compatible Edge units. For those who don’t ride in the concrete jungle, apps like TrailForks let mountain bikers seek out the best trails. Once you have your trail, the 520 Plus navigates you to and through it, letting you focus on what’s in front of you and not where the next trail marker is.