Devinci E-Cartier

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From New York to Madrid and Montreal by way of L.A., add your story to the cityscape with Devinci’s down-for-town E-Cartier. The innovative commuter/urban platform mixes masterful aesthetics with nimble handling and turbo-charged acceleration powered by Shimano’s E6002 motor. Optimum S02 Aluminum frame geometry riffs on Devinci’s MTB DNA, putting riders in an upright, short-stem position for a tall view of tripping pedestrians and swerving cabs. Maneuverability, meanwhile, is enhanced by ultra-fast 27.5 wheels. Stop on a dime thanks to all-weather disc brakes. And when it’s time to throw it in park, anti-theft Allen wrench-only specs provide peace of mind. Additional city-inspired features include safety-striped paint, 2.0 tire clearance, included fenders and rear rack.