Bonk Breaker Real Hydration

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Thirsty? The subtle sweetness of real organic Lemons and Limes packed with 700mg of electrolytes per 20g is a game changer for hydration. Lemon-Lime Real Hydration is made with REAL fruit, all-natural, and certified organic ingredients. In fact, the first word on our ingredient label is “organic”. We’re pretty sure no one else can make that claim! Our Lemon-Lime Real Hydration Drink mix combines incredible, real food flavors with a rocket-fuel nutritional profile that is sure quench your thirst, replace much needed electrolytes, and give you the balanced delivery of carbs you need to fuel your journey. As with all our products here at Bonk Breaker, Lemon-Lime Real Hydration is made with non-GMO, REAL ingredients that are Certified Organic, Gluten Free & Dairy Free.