Bike Fit

Bike Fit

At Cycle Technique, the bike fit is done on the Guru Fit machine, which is the most advanced in the world. It allows all cyclists to find the best bike and the ideal positioning. The system allows adjustments to be made on different types of bicycles: road, mountain, cyclo-cross, triathlon and recreational. The Guru Fit allows you to achieve maximum comfort and efficiency on your bike.

The Guru Fit machine provides an optimal position in terms of comfort and aerodynamics. This system is suitable for both a cyclist using a racing bike and a cyclist who wants to practice the sport in a more relaxed way.  Regardless of the type of cyclist, the objective of a bike fit is to find the best position while adapting it to the type of activity.

A bike fit lasts on average one to two hours depending on the problems, weaknesses or injuries of the cyclist. The system can store different positions for the same cyclist (measurements for a sprint, for a stroll, a long distance circuit, etc.). After each adjustment on the machine, a test is performed to ensure that the rider is comfortable on his bike. These tests make it possible to detect and correct the various problems that cyclists may encounter on their bicycles.

At Cycle Technique, all bike fits are free with the purchase of a bike, whether it is a hybrid, triathlon or racing bike. The bike fit service is available to all customers by appointment. A customer can come to the store with his bike and benefit from this service. The cost is $200 + taxes for a road bike and $250 + taxes for a triathlon bike. The bike fit service is guaranteed for a year; if discomfort occurs, the necessary adjustments can be made.

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