Run Analysis, interview with Gilbert Ayoub, coach at Cycle Technique


Run analysis is a biomechanical analysis that makes it possible to analyse the runner's technique. It allows the analysis of the runner's strengths, weaknesses and general technique to be carried out in order to modify and improve it.

The run analysis is 60 minutes long. During this hour, the coach films the runner in action. He then analyses the run using a software that allows him to observe the balance and the stride. The coach then gives the runner educational exercises so that he can make changes to his running technique. Then comes a second filmed run after which the coach repeats an analysis until the runner obtains an optimal technique.

Following this first session, the runner may decide to take the analysis further with four additional sessions of 30 minutes each. During these sessions, the trainer develops the runner's technique and gives him/her educational training that will allow him/her to make basic corrections. Additional sessions include hill climbing, descent techniques and how to get more speed.

The target clientele of the run analysis is very diversified. It is intended for beginners, people who have suffered an injury or veterans who want to improve their technique. The race analysis will be beneficial for all those who train more intensively, but also for those who practice the sport simply to keep fit.

The benefits of run analysis are many.  It increases performance, reduces injuries and increases the efficiency of the running process. By increasing stride efficiency, we mean reducing the energy frequency in order to obtain more work or speed and thus maximize the efficiency factor. The objective is to learn how to re-circulate the energy expended with each stride. In short, run analysis teaches you how to run properly, safely and maximally.  

According to Gilbert Ayoub, one of the reasons people don't run properly is the difficulty in choosing the right shoes. Running in the wrong shoes can cause many injuries. In addition to running analysis, Mr. Ayoub can assist runners in their choice of shoes.

At the end of the analysis, the coach gives the runners a copy of the videos and notes that they can review before their next training session. The rates for the one-hour run analysis is $100 + taxes and the run analysis with the four additional 30-minute coaching sessions is $200 + taxes.

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