Run Analysis, interview with Gilbert Ayoub, coach at Cycle Technique

Run Analysis, interview with Gilbert Ayoub, coach at Cycle Technique

A run analysis makes it possible to observe and improve running techniques. The analysis points out the runner’s strengths and weaknesses; with this information, the coach is able to devise a personalized training program to better one’s technique. An analysis is beneficial for anyone: beginners, runners recovering from an injury, or racers who simply want to improve their performance. 

During 60 minutes, the coach films the runner in action. He uses a software to analyze the balance and stride of the runner. Based on this first footage, the coach then suggests exercises that tweak certain technical aspects. With the second filming, the coach observes how the athlete has implemented those recommended exercises, leading to optimal performance. 

The athlete may also benefit from additional sessions after the first analysis. During these sessions, runners are able to be a more well-rounded athlete with exercises in hill climbing, descending, as well as how to obtain momentum. 

Run analyses are beneficial in increasing overall performance and preventing injuries. Most importantly, analysis of the stride allows the runner to reduce exerted energy, thus maximizing a runner’s efficiency. Furthermore, coach Gilbert Ayoub stresses the importance of choosing the right shoes to reduce injuries and allows you to run further.

At the end of the analysis session, the coach gives the runner a copy of the videos, as well as notes and suggestions for the future. The rates for the one-hour run analysis is $100 + taxes, and the bundle of four additional 30-minute sessions is $200 + taxes.

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